FAKTR Instrument Bundle

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When you buy the FAKTR instrument bundle, you're getting the very best. We craft our instruments from surgical stainless steel and hand-polish them to a mirror finish for superior results. The unique design features a blend of convex and concave surfaces, tips and points of varying degrees, and a double-beveled treatment edge on every surface. Plus, you get the peace of mind of our lifetime replacement guarantee, so you can work confidently knowing that if you damage the double-bevel treatment edge, we'll replace the instrument free with proof of purchase. This bundle includes the "Core 4" of our FAKTR soft tissue instruments - the F1, F2, F3 and F4 and includes a four-instrument canvas case at no additional cost with purchase ($45 value). All edges are double-beveled offering ultimate precision and the ability to easily change directions of your stroke without having to change practitioner or patient positioning, making it the optimal tool to use during the FAKTR rehab system. All FAKTR soft tissue instruments come with our lifetime repair or replace guarantee. If you ever nick or ding a treatment edge, simply ship back to use and we will repair or replace your instrument, shipping back to you as quickly as possible.