FAKTR F-2 Soft Tissue Tool

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Expertly crafted IASTM tools with a lifetime guarantee 

The FAKTR F-2 soft tissue tool is ideal for those seeking a sleek and sophisticated device to perform instrument-assisted soft tissue treatments. With its 8 3/8 inch length and 1 3/8 inch height, weighing in at 8oz fit's the perfect size to fit comfortably in the hand and provide the right amount of control for precise treatments whether you're in treating in a clinical setting or on-site at a sporting event. The F-2 instrument features a large straight edge and a large convex edge, each with double beveled tips. Lightweight and durable, the F-2 is designed to help you provide efficient and effective treatment as part of the FAKTR rehab system or any number of soft tissue techniques. All edges are double-beveled offering ultimate precision and the ability to easily change directions of your stroke without having to change practitioner or patient positioning, making it the optimal tool to use during the motion-centric aspects of the FAKTR rehab system. All FAKTR soft tissue instruments come with our lifetime repair or replace guarantee. If you ever nick or ding a treatment edge, simply ship back to use and we will repair or replace your instrument, shipping back to you as quickly as possible.