China-Gel/FAKTRx Soft Tissue Therapy Creme - 2oz Tube with Clip

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China-Gel/FAKTRx Soft Tissue Therapy Creme is an herbal enhanced emollient that can be combined with IASTM and manual therapy.  It contains the same herbal ingredients as China-Gel + Arnica generating a gentle and comfortable cooling sensation and subtle herbal scent.

This 2oz tube provides an opportunity to apply emollient directly to your patient without the mess of traditional jars in a small convenient size you can clip directly onto your treatment bag or waistband.

Unlike most traditional emollients, this creme leaves the skin clean and slightly tacky--allowing you to tape directly over the treatment area without having to remove the emollient.

Pain Relief + Soft Tissue Glide + Clean Finish for Taping