China-Gel/FAKTRx Soft Tissue Therapy Creme - 6oz Tube

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Experience the ultimate in soft tissue therapy with FAKTRx Soft Tissue Therapy Creme with Chinagel. Developed with the same herbal ingredients as China-Gel + Arnica, this 6oz tube provides a mess-free application that can be combined with IASTM and manual therapy in a water-based formula, making it perfect for applying directly before applying kinesio or biomechanical tape. The creme produces a gentle and comfortable cooling sensation and a subtle herbal scent, and leaves your skin clean and slightly tacky—allowing you to tape directly over the treatment area without having to remove the emollient. Enjoy pain relief, soft tissue glide, and a clean finish for taping with this revolutionary creme. 

Pain Relief + Soft Tissue Glide + Clean Finish for Taping