hands-on learning continues

The health and safety of our course attendees is our highest priority...here are all the ways we are creating a safe learning environment.

live classes have resumed

With the introduction of COVID-19 in early 2020, the live event industry was transformed overnight as many live events were cancelled or postponed indefinitely as governments around the world tried to identify this novel new virus, learn more about how it was spread and create a plan for what could be done to flatten the curve.

Throughout most of 2020, FAKTR not host live courses, but launched an expanded FAKTR Rehab System 12hr online course, transformed our FAKTR PNE course into a virtual self-paced online course and re-launched FAKTR's Rehab to Fitness with a new certification track that involves a virtual live training and a 25hr self-paced online course.  

While we have enjoyed expanding our virtual e-learning options, we were excited to finally return to offering the FAKTR Rehab System course in a live, hands-on format in the fall of 2020.

While we are fairly certain that none of us will ever approach group gatherings in the same way again, we have all learned to live with COVID-19--adjusting our daily lives, habits and cultural norms so that we can continue to work, attend school and enjoy life...even if that means it looks different than it did before.

Here are the the ways we have transformed our FAKTR Rehab System live courses to insure a safe, clean learning environment:

expanded safety measures:

temperature checks at door

We take the temperature of every person that enters the classroom, each morning and when returning from lunch.

limited class size

We have limited each class to a maximum of 24 attendees, or 12 pairs of attendees.  We also encourage COVID-19 "pods" to attend together when possible.

mandatory masks

Masks are mandatory for each person in our classroom and for the duration of class.  Disposable masks are provided for those that don't have them.

expanded class format

We have expanded all FAKTR Rehab courses to a 16hr format to allow for additional time for sanitizing instruments and supplies.  This also allows for an extra 4hrs of Dynamic Tape instruction previously not included in the FAKTR course.


We always encouraged hand-washing with hands-on work, but we now emphasize hand-washing and provide sanitizer for all course participants to use frequently during the course weekend.


We provide disposable latex-free gloves in all classes so that participants can use these when demonstrating on each other.


We've received many questions this year regarding in-person training courses.  Please read below to read the answers to our most frequently-asked questions:

are you still hosting in-person courses?

Yes, and so far with great success.  The one thing we feel wholeheartedly is that manual therapists need in-person trainings to learn hands-on therapies and systems.  We believe strongly in our "learn by doing" methodology and while we offer several digital on-demand options, the FAKTR Rehab System course will continue to host in-person trainings.

What safety procedures are in place?

In 2020, we launched a number of new heightened safety protocols to ensure we were offering a safe learning environment for class participants.  Mandatory mask-wearing, temperature checks at the door, social distancing between groups, limited class sizes, gloves and frequent hand-washing and the sanitization of surfaces and products have all become non-negotiable practices in our hands-on courses.

how do i become faktr certified now?

The FAKTR Certification still requires completion of the FAKTR online course and final exam along with attendance at a live in-person training course.  We now offer immediate access to the FAKTR online course when you purchase this along with your live course ticket so that you can begin learning immediately.

is there a certain order i have to complete both classes in?

In short, no.  You can complete the online course first before you attend the live hands-on course or you can attend the live course and then complete the online course and final exam--the order is completely up to you.  There is also no timeline or deadline on when these need to be completed.

do i need to re-certify?

After you earn your FAKTR Certification, there is no need to "re-certify"...we only ask that you attend an in-person course every 2 years in order to stay up-to-date on the new additions that we frequently add to the class as new research emerges.  We also encourage you to take other courses under the FAKTR umbrella, FAKTR PNE and Rehab to Fitness and offer generous discounts for FAKTR Certified providers.

what if a live class is rescheduled?

In 2020, we had several live courses dates pushed back due to COVID-19.  While we cannot control state and local government decisions to restrict live events, we can promise that we honor your live course ticket up to 18 months past the original course date.  You have the option of attending in the same location on the reschedule date OR you can transfer your ticket to any other event we host within that 18month window.  If there are circumstances that make that impossible, you can always call us and we will work something out with you. :)