Motion Guidance - Clinician Kit

Motion Guidance - Clinician Kit

  • $ 249.00

The "Clinician Kit" is the latest generation of the visual feedback tool from FAKTR sponsor Motion Guidance. Updates from the previous Clinician Kit include: hard-shell case, 30x batteries, and a thicker high-quality double sided hangable tracking grid. 

The Clinician Kit is Intended for clinician use, and includes everything you need to equip your clinic with visual feedback:

  • 1 large and 1 small strap, for multi-limb use

  • 2 mountable lasers

  • 2 of each mounting piece 

  • A thick double sided tracking grid with suction hook hangars

  • A silicone "drop target"

  • 3 battery pack (30x batteries included)

  • Hard-shell carrying case