Cupping Set - 12 hard cups with pump and tube

Cupping Set - 12 hard cups with pump and tube

  • $ 19.99


This cupping set includes 12 cups of various sized, a vacuum gun and adaptors.  This set is the perfect addition to your treatment toolkit for use with the FAKTR rehab system.  

- Color: as shown in the pictures.
- Material: durable non-toxic medical-grade plastic.
- High quality 12 Cups Chinese Medical Vacuum Body Cupping Massage Therapy Healthy Suction Pump Set.
- Plastic cups based on the design of the traditional cups without the need for firing or heat.
- Can be used in clinical setting as well as for self-treatment at home


- Vacuum gun air tightness: The vacuum gauge shows a value not less than 0.06Mpa on consecutive full-course suction for 10 times.
- Vacuum cup air tightness: Under normal conditions, the vacuum cup will not spontaneously drop off within 20 minutes.
- Vacuum cup intensity: After sucked on for 30 minutes continuously, the vacuum cup will not be distorted.