FREE Webinar: Shoulder Injuries in Throwing Athletes

FREE Webinar: Shoulder Injuries in Throwing Athletes

March 09, 2021

Join us for this one-hour webinar on Friday, March 26th at 2pm EST

This course will give you the tools to evaluate shoulder injuries and movement quality to design effective strategies for treatment, so your patients can get back in the game and win. We will dive into the sport-specific demands of throwing athletes, including specific focus on baseball, football, boxing, MMA, volleyball, and tennis. Understanding the demands of these sports and their common shoulder injuries, we will breakdown the assessment of sagittal, frontal, and transverse plane movement to develop effective treatment plans.
Attendees will learn:
  • Throwing in sport: what is it, and where do things go wrong?
  • Evaluation of competency in sagittal, frontal, and transverse plane movements and their importance in throwing athletes
  • Effective treatment strategies to get athletes back in the game, including: soft-tissue treatment, joint mobilization, and exercise prescription

Featured instructor: 

Ross Kees, DC, CCSP, CSCS (The Athlete Doc) has an elevated level of experience with athletics and the stress that comes with training and competing at a high level. During his time playing college football, Ross sustained a variety of soft tissue injuries (3 shoulder labral tears with reconstructions, knee meniscal tear with reconstruction, and MCL tear). Having to work through these injuries has helped him develop a level of empathy that provides a solid foundation for working with athletes and helping them to continue (and prolong) their athletic journey. These experiences have driven him to better understand sports injuries (with a special emphasis on the shoulder) and how to help athletes get back into the game quicker, safer, and stronger.

Dr. Kees has completed advanced training in evaluation and treatment of athletic injury, and is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician. Ross is also a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), with experience coaching high school, collegiate, and professional athletes.
Currently, Dr. Ross runs a sports performance-focused clinic in Franklin, TN. 


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